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Everyone & Everything loves the Beaches of NW Florida!

Everyone & Everything loves the Beaches of NW Florida!

When I see scenes like this of a male Deer relaxing after a swim along our beaches it just makes me smile. To see other creatures taking part and enjoying in this amazing environment while doing things you just never imagined makes you feel warm inside. To my amazement, during the time when I was discovering and familiarizing myself with our area. I found out about the Deer using the beaches and also swimming to Shell Island and other areas of the bay! Cool. Thank you Mother Nature for giving our planet such gifts that help make the human experience worthy, enlightening, and fulfilling! I love this state of Florida and all it’s creatures. For as long as I live here, I will always live to preserve the local environment and the fauna within. It’s the least I can do…


Michael Monahan

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Michael Monahan
by Michael Monahan

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