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Fisherman’s Corner: Take a kid fishing because it will change their lives!

Fisherman’s Corner:  Take a kid fishing because it will change their lives!

Most kids love to try anything new, and the younger they are the more likely they are to get hooked on fishing! Here on Panama City Beach you can do just about any type of fishing there is, and getting kids on the water is easy.  If you are looking for some privacy fishing alone with your family, then just rent a boat.  The Marina’s on the east end of the city offer fishing charters & boat rentals.  Fishing in the Panama City Beach has always been proud of it’s image as a popular family vacation destination.  Many families venturing to Florida’s beautiful Emerald Coast for the first time are amazed by the sense and care taken by PCB locals in order to make family vacations here something they will remember!  For any vacation community, providing visitors with the tons of things to do will keep them returning each year!  In fact, there is so much for families to do here on Panama City Beach they may have to return again and again just to see it all!

Florida’s #1 attraction is fishing for sure!  Panama City Beach features two 1700 foot fishing piers and 17 miles of coastline allowing fishermen with families many options when it comes to getting everyone involved.  Whether you hit the piers, charter a boat, try out the famous channel rock jetties, or just wade out in the water and make a cast.  Panama City beach offer’s all of that and then sum!  Safety is always a concern, so keep that in mind when you choose the best fishing spot for your kids.  They come first!

For some reason, kids just love fishing off the piers.  I know I did growing up!  It may be the sense of safety from being on the pier, but it’s more for the sight fishing here in Florida.  Looking down off the pier you can see the fish moving around alone or in groups.  This makes it easier to cast out to them giving you a much better chance for a hook up!  However, many folks still drop in their lines and then sit back waiting for some dumb fish to come along and commit suicide!  Pier fishing on Panama City Beach is always exciting and kids just love it.

Bay and inlet will be the safest, so just grab a pontoon boat and head out. One thing that is reality here is our local waters never disappoint, and it’s impossible not to catch something! Maybe that’s why Florida is the fishing capitol of the world!


Michael Monahan